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 Artificial rock slides for swimming pools

rock spacer


Artificial Rock features like a rock slide, can add beauty and depth to any project. Authentic Rocks employs the best artisans and craftsman in the state of California to create these custom structures.

Artistic Waterways & Paving by Authentic Rocks specialize in custom concrete creations, that are built to last a long time with minimal care, while meeting any safety issues that may be involved. Our rockscapes, waterfalls, and rock slides retaining walls and hollow artificial concrete rocks and slides can hold up to 500 lbs. of walk-over weight. Allowing climbing, and sliding by all, so no one is excluded from the fun!

Whether for a commercial or residential project, Authentic Rocks can find a pool slide that works for the design that you have in mind.

  Rock waterfalls examples

alpine waterfall

Rock formations for pool slides

We offer a complete line of artificial rock slides and pool waterfalls that allow you to create a natural environment that can be customized to your pool. Please take a look at this artificial rock slide pictures »

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