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 Faux rock caves "Fake" for backyard landscapes

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To make fake cave rocks, landscape rocks, or artificial rocks, that make great well head covers and even playhouse caves, Authentic Rocks has a unique, inexpensive, rock making process.

There is no comparison to our residential style cave. Artificial Rocks have numerous uses and applications.

Fake rock cave, landscape rock cave, artificial rock cave, or faux stones cave can be the most admired part of a beautiful landscaping project. We suggest you consider our totally unique process of making your own fake rock cave, landscape rocks, or artificial rocks and see for yourself, that you will receive more compliments on your backyard landscaping layout by adding fake rock cave, landscape rock cave, or artificial rock cave, to enhance the visual and natural effects.

  Rock CAVES examples

alpine waterfall

Incredable rock caves

Authentic Rocks is the world leader in the manufacture of faux rock caves and synthetic rock caves  that can work for faux rock caves and wine cellars. Please take a look at this Rock cave for a swimming pool »

alpine waterfall

Swiming pool waterfall with a rock cave

Its easy to get lost in the beauty and sounds of the Rock Cave Fountain. With it's gorgeous design, you can watch and listen as the water spills over from pool to pool creating soothing, peaceful waterfall sounds. This outdoor fountain is sure to please and makes for an eye-catching feature amongst your gardens or landscaping. Please take a look at this Rock cave for a swimming pool »

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